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The Many Uses of Breast Milk: Unveiling the Unexpected

Hello, moms! 💕 

If you're anything like me you're trying your best to do everything for your little one. Maybe you're still breastfeeding and wonderwing what to do with those few drops of leftover milk, or maybe you've stopped breastfeeding and you're wondering what to do with the last of your freezer stash.


We all know about all the benefits of breast milk for our baby’s health and development. It's nature's perfect food and has so many nutrients and antibodies. But did you know that breast milk has a many other uses too? What are these alternative uses, you may ask? Let's have a look at "liquid gold" and some of the ways we can use it, other than for feeding.


Well here it is - some awesome alternative uses for breast milk.

Skin Healing


Breast milk isn't just baby food, it also has healing powers! The antibodies and antimicrobial properties found in breast milk make it an amazing remedy for skin issues. Does your baby (or you) have a minor cut, scrape, or rash (especially a nappy rash)? Does your baby have a bit of cradle cap? By applying some breast milk, you can help to soothe the irritation, promote amazingly fast healing, and protect the skin against infections. Breast milk has plenty of antibodies and immune protecting functions which what makes it such a great option for any skin issues (including your own). It has also been found to reduce infection and help with umbilical cord stump healing.

Skin with acne marks

Eye and Ear Infections


Anyone who has had a newborn knows about goopy eyes, and anyone who has a toddler knows about ear infections. Because breast milk has antimicrobial properties, it is safe and effective in treating minor eye or ear infections in both babies and adults. A drop or two of breast milk applied to the affected eye or ear can help clear an infection and promote healing.

Ear receiving ear drops



Did you know that breast milk helps to moisturize skin? You can a bit of breast milk to your or baby’s bath. It’s the perfect solution for the small amount of milk that’s left in the bottle at the end of a feed. Not only does putting the milk in the bath create a nourishing bath, but the vitamins and moisturizing properties in breast milk can leave your/baby’s skin feeling soft and smooth.

Lady applying moisturizer

Immunity-Boosting Ice Lollies for Teething


Teething is tough on us parents and on our little ones, but breast milk ice lollies can make it a bit easier on you and your little one. Pour breast milk into ice cube trays, add some pureed fruit for flavor if you’d like, and freeze. These homemade ice lollies not only provide relief for sore gums but give your baby a dose of immune-boosting antibodies to help them fight off pesky bugs.

Milk ice lollies

Non-Toxic Paint


Let your little one’s imagination run wild with breast milk paint! Using breast milk as paint is a safe and natural alternative to traditional paints works so well for fun and safe art projects. Whether it's finger painting, handprint art, or creating a masterpiece on canvas, breast milk paint adds an extra touch of uniqueness to your child's creations and the options for art are endless.

Child finger painting

Hair Mask


Breast milk is packed with proteins and nutrients that can help strengthen, condition, and nourish your hair. Using breast milk as a hair mask will leave it glossy and healthy. You massage breast milk into your hair and scalp, leave it on for a bit, and then rinse for an incredible hair mask.

Woman washing her hair

So, there it is - some surprising ways to make the most of breast milk beyond feeding your baby. From healing skin to creating art, breast milk surprises me each day and is really the most magical liquid of motherhood. Have you tried any of these alternative uses? Or perhaps you have your own unique breast milk hack to share? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!


Here's to celebrating the wonders of "liquid gold" and the incredible journey of motherhood—one drop at a time. 🌟💧 #BreastMilkMagic #MomLifeHacks #LiquidGoldLifestyle


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