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Explore Mums & Bums, our staff and the array of services we offer.

Get to know the faces behind the scenes and learn about our commitment to excellence in every aspect of what we do.

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About Us

Mums & Bums

In a clinic adorned with balloons so high,
Where care takes flight and touches the sky.
On the walls, hot air wonders in hues,

A place for babies, where love renews.

Tiny giggles float like balloons in the air,
A clinic where kindness is woven with care.
Each room a canvas of warmth and delight,
Where healing whispers, day and night.

Babies cradled in a gentle embrace,
With personal touches, love finds its place.
Balloon dreams dance on the walls so sweet,
A clinic where joy and wellness meet.

In the journey of life, a personal song,
A clinic where babies and love belong.
With every touch, a tender refrain,
A place where hope and healing sustain.


Our clinic offers a variety of services for mothers, including antenatal classes, breastfeeding support, and postnatal care. Our baby services range from immunizations to developmental assessments. If you have a specific service in mind, don't hesitate to contact us and see if we can provide it for you.

Brain with a stethoscope on it as if the brain is a face.
Two zoomed gloved hands holding a specimen tube with blood.
Women lying in a hospital bed with her baby doing skin-on-skin under a blanket.
Young child blowing their nose.
Cervical brush/broom and medical gloves used for a pap smear.
IV drip bag with fruits inside as if the infusion is giving fruit directly.
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Meet the Team

Meet the faces behind Mums & Bums. Our dedicated team is here to ensure your health and well-being. Explore the expertise and passion that drive our commitment to excellent care.

Our Clinic 

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"Greatest service I've ever experienced in a while. My appointment was on time, and welcome and my visit service was a 10/10. Yet to refer my friends and family"

- Titi Baloyi (Google) -

Contact Us

138 Panorama Road,



+27 64 508 1672

+27 64 508 1672

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