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Childhood Vaccinations

Please don't take any chances when it comes to the health of your child. Our vaccination service follows the 2023 vaccination schedule and is administered by our experienced nurse.


While we are not state-sponsored, we accept medical aid for our immunizations, making it even easier for you to keep your child healthy and protected.

Evolution of a child from baby to big child in the colours of the rainbow.

What we do during vaccination visits

Growth Monitoring

At each vaccination visit your child will be weighed and measured. This is important for ensuring that your child is growing appropriately and is well nourished.

Milestone Checks

Your child's age appropriate developmental milestones will be checked at each vaccination visit. This is done to ensure that your child is reaching all the age-specific developmental milestones.

Vaccination Administration

Vaccinations are administered according to the most recent vaccination schedule. Vaccinations provide protection from many life-threatening diseases.

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Download a Copy Of The Vaccination Schedule

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