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Blood/Swab Testing

With our blood testing and sample collection services, we offer consultations and discussions to aid in diagnosing various medical conditions. With a referral from your treating practitioner, we can also provide blood and sample collection services. Whatever your needs may be, we are confident in our ability to assist you.

Commonly Requested Blood Tests

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Hormonal Imbalance Testing

Our range of tests for diagnosing hormonal imbalances is highly regarded for its comprehensiveness. These tests can accurately diagnose a variety of conditions that may present with any of the following symptoms:

Uncontrolled weight gain

Difficulty losing weight

Low mood or irritability

Poor sleep


Difficulty falling pregnant

Irregular periods

And much more

Pregnancy Testing

Are you wondering if you're pregnant?


Drawing blood is the most accurate way to determine early pregnancy, even when it's hard to see on a sonar. Let us help you understand your results and guide you through this exciting time. Trust us to provide you with accurate and reliable information.

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General Yearly Bloods

We are able to assist you with your yearly bloods. Whether you are on chronic medication or just want an overall view on your health, we are here to help.

Commonly tested bloods:


Kidney function

Prostate cancer markers

Full blood count

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