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Pap smear specimen under microscope

Pap Smears

Ladies, we've got you covered! Our clinic offers pap smears with our all-female staff. We know it's not the most glamorous experience, but we promise to make it as quick and comfortable as possible.


Our team is trained to make you feel at ease, and we'll do our best make you forget you're even having a pap smear done.

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What Do Pap Smears Test For?

Some Common Pap Smear Myths

Pap smears are a crucial screening test for women's health, but there are many myths surrounding them that could prevent you from taking care of your health. Let's set the record straight: Pap smears are safe, quick, and effective at detecting cervical cancer. Don't let these myths hold you back from getting the care you need.


Pap smears are only necessary and required for sexually active women.

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