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Why Health and Education are at the Heart of Our Clinic: A Personal Introduction

Hello everyone, and welcome. I'm Sr Samantha Pieterse (Sr Sam for short) and I am the owner and Nurse Practitioner here at Mums & Bums Mother and Baby Clinic. My clinic started as a mix of 'passion project' meets 'involved Mom'.

After giving birth to my first son in 2021, I decided I wanted to leave my comfortable average-paying (read: well-paying) job at a Government Clinic in Centurion and start my own clinic. All this, so that I would have more time on my hands to be available to my child - lets all laugh together!

Little did I know that starting my own business would take more of my time and brain capacity than I could ever have used working for someone else. What I also didn't know is that this business would become my heart and soul. I have poured so much love, time and passion into this business and my patients have become my second family. I've laughed with my moms as we share stories of what our toddlers have done. I've cried with a young mom in the process of having a miscarriage - a baby she really wanted.

Nurse in uniform with baby on her lap.
Me and my littlest family member, Connor.

Most importantly, though I've learnt (and continue to learn) each day. I've diagnosed things I've never diagnosed before. I've learnt of home-remedies that actually work. I've learnt things about pregnancy and birth that I never imagined. I've also learnt that business is not the easy way out. I've learnt about cash flow and accounting, billing and software, I've learnt to navigate the South African medical aid climate. It's been (read: is) tough but we grow stronger each month.

My goal with this blog is to share my life in a medical business, the joys of being a mother and to provide you with fact checked and up-to date educational resources that you can trust and to maybe just give you a little laugh.

In conclusion, this is me - hi! And welcome. Hope you will learn along with me.


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