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Choose your pricing plan

  • Antenatal Class 2

    1 250R
    The second class in our antenatal class series.
    Valid for one week
    • Unlimited views of our antenatal class 2 for one week.
  • VaxVibes 20

    Every month
    VaxVibes offers convenient monthly payments, allowing you to pay an affordable fee for your baby.
    Valid for 18 months
    • Antenatal visits during pregnancy.
    • Postnatal visit for Mom & Baby (up to 10 days birth).
    • All vaccines incl. private schedule for 12 months.
    • Additional sick baby consult
    • Milestones, weigh and measuring of baby.
    • Additional weigh in (for baby).
    • Nutritional/formula counselling.
    • Stitch/staples removal after a c-section.
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